Congratulations to the Cast of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

The show runs February 23-26 at 7:00 at the Courtyard Theatre in Downtown Plano.
Click here to purchase tickets.


White Witch – Kendall Cousins/Juliet Eidson
Aslan – Kenny Bernstein
Lucy – Christine Sullivan/Lauren Carol
Edmund – Jonathan Rizzo
Peter – Hunter Hurt
Susan – Olivia Smith/Avery McElya
Mr. Beaver – Jack Smith
Mrs. Beaver – Avery Cousins/Lily Murray
Dwarf – Ellie Smith/Allyx Shirar
Fairy – Kylie Burnside/Shiloh Petersen
Unicorn – Carys Bellwood/Caroline Murray
Fenris Ulf – Victoria Macabu/Sophia Quartaro
Mr. Tumnus – Kasch Bergus
Elf – Mia Yoch/Victoria Carol
White Stag – Abbie Sutton
Aslan’s Followers – Emmie Adams and Garrett Adams
Witch’s Army – Alex Smith and Oliver Lomas

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