Congratulations to the Cast of The Wizard of Oz at Shine!


Dorothy Gale Sophie Dryden
Scarecrow Lainey Gerard
Tinman Shiloh Petersen
Cowardly Lion Cooper Ragle
Glinda Olivia Yarbrough
Wicked Witch/Miss Gulch Darron Choate
The Wizard of Oz/Professor Marvel Isaiah Baumann
Aunt Em Annabelle Hines
Uncle Henry Jace Tyson
Toto Samantha Housley
Mayor of Muchkin City Jillian Conaway
Coroner Riley Unterbug
Barrister Claire Perlick
Munchkin #1 Allyx Shirar
Munchkin #2 Cole Wiseman
Munchkin #3 (City Father #1 line) Molly Housley
Munchkin #4 (City Father #2 line) Carys Bellwood
Three Tots Vaughn Merriman, Kiersten Schilling, Lily Murray
Three Tough Kids Josh Tyson, Jordan Curtis, Jonathan Rizzo
Woman Speaking Line pg 19 Lily Murray
Guard Jordan Curtis
Nikko Georgia Bryant
Leader of the Winkies Allyx Shirar
Cat Naomi O’Connor
Munchkins Naomi O’Connor, Mia Yoch, Shaylee Kirk, Sadye Emerson, Kassidy Harden, Kamille Harden, Nicole Hutchinson, Kaleigh Boyd
Jitterbugs Kiersten Schilling, Vaughn Merriman, Lily Murray, Molly Housley, Kaleigh Boyd, Claire Perlick, Nicole Hutchinson
Apple Trees Jordan Curtis, Riley Unterbug, Jillian Conaway, Allyx Shirar, Jonathan Rizzo, Annabelle Hines
Crows Mia Yoch, Sadye Emerson,Kassidy Harden,Kamille Harden, Cole Wiseman, Josh Tyson, Naomi O’Connor, Jace Tyson, Carys Bellwood, Shaylee Kirk
Winged Monkeys Vaughn Merriman, Kaleigh Boyd, Claire Perlick, Jillian Conaway, Jonathan Rizzo, Mia Yoch, Kassidy Harden, Kamille Harden, Cole Wiseman
Winkies Kiersten Schilling, Lily Murray, Molly Housley, Nicole Hutchinson, Shaylee Kirk, Carys Bellwood, Riley Unterbug, Sadye Emerson, Josh Tyson, Naomi O’Connor
Ozians Vaughn Merriman, Kiersten Schilling, Mia Yoch, Josh Tyson, Riley Unterbug, Allyx Shirar, Jillian Conaway, Claire Perlick, Shaylee Kirk, Sadye Emerson, Kassidy Harden, Lily Murray, Kaleigh Boyd, Cole Wiseman, Jonathan Rizzo, Molly Housley, Kamille Harden, Nicole Hutchinson, Carys Bellwood, Jace Tyson, Annabelle Hines

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