Congratulations to The Main Stage Cast of The Lion King!


The Lion King Runs November 4-6 at The Courtyard Theatre in Downtown Plano.

Rafiki – Olivia Smith

Young Simba – Jonathan Rizzo

Simba – Joshua Patterson

Young Nala – Keegan McAleer

Nala – Kendall Cousins

Mufasa – Cooper Ragle

Sarabi –Jillian Conaway

Scar – Katka Durcanska

Zazu – Shiloh Petersen

Timon – Aidan Laird

Pumbaa – Jace Tyson

Banzai – Kennedy Soffa

Shenzi – Sabra Armstrong

Ed – Claire Perlick

Sarafina – Megan Morris

Hyenas – Toby Laird, Kaleb Law, Cade Bergus

Lionesses – Sophia Quartaro, Christine Sullivan

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