Congratulations to the Rising Star cast of Beauty and the Beast!


Belle – Phoebe Choate

Beast – Geoffrey Choate

Gaston – Kaleb Law

Cogsworth – Joshua Patterson

Maurice – Andrew Turner

Lefou – Luke Miller

Lumiere – Lainey Gerard

Mrs. Potts – Kassidy Harden

Chip – Kamille Harden

Babette – Peyton Maggard

Madame De La Grande Bouche – Sydney Saynor

Narrator – Allie Turner, Rhys Williams, Allison Howes

Silly Girls – Harper Lutz, Kenna Morris, Sara Quartaro

Old Beggar Woman/Enchantress – Jessica Howes

Rose – Addison Hoyt


Villagers –

Sophie Cho

Jacob Essig

Caitlin Farguharson

Rachel Hamby

Ryann Jenkins

Andi Howes

Katie Ma

Abigail Pierson

Sophia Shi

Michelle Tang

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