Congratulations to the Main Stage Cast of Beauty and the Beast!


Belle – Layla Rorem

Beast – Isaiah Baumann

Gaston – Jack Schonhoff

Lumiere – Dane Reece

Cogsworth – Lliam Mattingly

Babette – Kendall Cousins

Mrs. Potts – Darron Choate

Chip – Toby Laird

Lefou- Aidan Laird

Maurice – Jack Reece

Madame De La Grande Bouche – Juliet Eidson

Madame D’Arque – Kennedy Soffa

Silly Girls – Sophia Quartaro, Olivia Smith and Rylee Polk

Old Beggar Woman/Enchantress – Christine Sullivan

Narrators – Allyx Shirar, Jillian Conaway, Megan Morris, Christina Contoveros


Villagers –

Aristocratic Lady – Elizabeth Contoveros

Fish Man –Jonathan Rizzo

Egg Woman – Abbie Sutton

Sausage Curl Girl – Claire Perlick

Baker – Quinn Rorem

Lady with Cane – Shiloh Petersen

Lady with Baby – A’myeh Fisher-Jeff

Candle Woman – Ana Yoch

Hat Seller – Avery Cousins

Milkmaid – Lily Murray

Shepherd Boy – Mason Polk

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