Congratulations to the Rising Star Cast of Annie!

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(In Order of Appearance)

Molly – Lucy Alter

Pepper – Sydney Saynor

Tessie – Sara Quartaro

Kate – Isabel Bonilla

July – Rylee Gebert

Duffy – Caroline Grane

Maggie – Kamille Harden

Sally – Sophia Zapata

Annie – Lainey Gerard

Hannigan – Skyler Gerard

Warbucks – Will Singleton

Rooster – Oliver Chen

Lily – Peyton Maggard

Grace – Kassidy Harden

Bundles – Andrew Turner

Drake – Luke Miller

Lt. Ward – Luke Miller

Roosevelt – Andrew Turner

Bert Healy – Oliver Chen

Star to Be – Allie Turner

Apple Seller – Harper Lutz

Cecille – Allie Turner

Annette –  Jessica Howes

Mrs Greer – Andi Howes

Mrs Pugh – Alli Howes

Usherette – Harper Lutz

Man in Brownstone Window – Andrew Turner


New York City Ensemble and Servant Ensemble

Alli Howes

Andi Howes

Jessica Howes

Harper Lutz

Sophia Zapata

Andrew Turner

Luke Miller

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