Congratulations to the cast of Into the Woods at Shine! (Elite Production)

Click here to purchase tickets.

Oak Cast Pine Cast
Cinderella Juliet Schonhoff Emma Foughty
Jack Joshua Patterson Jonathan Rizzo
Jack’s Mother Layla Rorem Kendall Cousins
Baker Jack Schonhoff Geoffrey Choate
Baker’s Wife Lydia Long Sarah Jensen
Little Red Riding hood Lainey Gerard Christine Sullivan
Witch Maren Flechsig Arianna Sy
Cinderella’s Mother/Granny Hannah Patterson Phoebe Choate
Narrator/Mysterious Man Kevin Hyland A’myeh Fisher-Jeff
Rapunzel Skyler Gerard Olivia Smith
Steward William Choate Aidan Laird
Stepmother Juliet Eidson Darron Choate
Florinda Sabra Armstrong Olivia Yarbrough
Lucinda Avery McElya Allie Turner
Rapunzel’s Prince/Cinderella’s Father Isaiah Baumann Andrew Sullivan
Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf Noah Sowalskie Cade Sturgeon

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