Congratulations to the Rising Star Cast of The Sound of Music!


Maria Rainer Kendall Cousins
The Mother Abbess Skyler Gerard
Sister Berthe Sydney Saynor
Sister Margaretta Jenna Steele
Sister Sophia Sarah Quartaro
Captain Georg Von Trapp Jason Steele
Franz Oliver Chen
Frau Schmidt Ivy Chen
Liesel Peyton Maggard
Friedrich Cade Sturgeon
Louisa Carina Kinefick
Kurt Toby Laird
Brigitta Lainey Gerard
Marta Isabel Bonilla
Gretl Ryann Jenkins
Rolf Gruber Will Singleton
Max Detweiler Kaleb Law
Herr Zeller Josiah Horne
Baron Elberfeld TBD
Admiral Von Schreiber TBD
Trio of the Saengerbund of Herwegen Allison Harp
Anna Mathers
Brooklyn Downs
Fraulein Schweiger Rylee Gebert
Goat: Featured Dancer Avery Cousins
Girl in the Pale Pink Coat: Featured Dancer Lyla Lively
Mama: Featured Dancer Elena Velasquez
Nuns and Party Guests Caroline Grane
Zion Jeff
Brenna Kingsley
Megan Morris
Lily Morocco
Allyx Shirar

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