Congratulations to the Cast of Willy Wonka at Shine!

Willy Wonka runs May 18-20 at the Cox Playhouse in Downtown Plano. Tickets will go on sale on March 23.

Willy Wonka Aidan Laird
Candy Man Carina Kenefick
Charlie Bucket Toby Laird
Grandpa Joe Damon White
Mrs. Bucket Claire Perlick
Cherry Street Sarah Raishe
Augustus Gloop Quinn Rorem
Mrs. Gloop Avery Cousins
Meg Teavee Sara Quartaro
Ms. Teavee Peyton Maggard
Violet Beauredarde Kate Pritchett
Veruca Salt Lainey Gerard
Grandma Josephina/Oompa Loompa Rachel Avila
Grandma Georgina/Oompa Loompa Tiffany Chan
Grandpa George/Oompa Loompa Luke Miller
Jamie Sophia Zapata
Matilda Lucy Alter
Mrs. Beauregarde Emily Couch
Ms. Salt Isabelle Bonilla
The Candy Man Kids and Oompa Loompas Lauren Avila
Karena Bunch
Cin-Hui Chan

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