Congratulations to the Cast of Shrek at Shine!

In Order of Appearance
Mama Ogre Phoebe Choate
Papa Ogre Bryson Coker
Little Ogre Josiah Horne
Shrek Jonathan Horne
Captain of the Guards Jason Steele
Pinocchio David Scherm
Big Bad Wolf Kaleb Law
Pig 1 Lliam Mattingly
Pig 2 Joshua Patterson
Pig 3 Josiah Horne
Wicked Witch Olivia Smith
Peter Pan Emma Foughty
Ugly Duckling Christina Contoveros
Mama Bear Nicole Vogler
Papa Bear Jack Reece
Baby Bear Carina Kenefick
Pied Piper Dane Reece
Shoemaker’s Elf Lainey Gerard
Fairy Godmother Skyler Gerard
Tinkerbell Kristen Coleman
White Rabbit Allison Harp
Alice Shiloh Petersen
Red Riding Hood Jillian Conaway
Jiminy Cricket William Choate
Humpty Dumpty Abbie Sutton
Donkey Nicolas Horne
Lord Farquaad Jefferson Schonhoff
Gingy Jenna Steele
Young Fiona Evelyn Parsley
Teen Fiona Kendall Cousins
Princess Fiona Juliet Schonhoff
Knight 1 Jack Reece
Knight 2 Bryson Coker
Knight 3 Jason Steele
Knight 4 Aidan Laird
Dragon Sophie Dryden
Rats Eyan Choate
Kendall Cousins
Braxton Dietz
Camila Kenefick
Evelyn Parsley
Miette Rodriguez
Bishop Eyan Choate
Dwarf Aidan Laird
Duloc Dancers Braxton Dietz
Phoebe Choate
Emma Foughty
Camila Kenefick
Joshua Patterson
Shiloh Petersen
Miette Rodriguez
Jenna Steele

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