Congratulations to the Cast of Seussical at Shine!

Seussical runs July 13-15, 2018 at the Courtyard Theatre in Downtown Plano.

Jojo Christine Sullivan
Cat in the Hat Layla Rorem
Horton Bryson Coker
Mr. Mayor Andrew Sullivan
Mrs. Mayor Shiloh Petersen
Gertrude McFuzz Catelyn Lawrence
Mayzie Emma Kay Clay
Sour Kangaroo Sophie Dryden
Young Kangaroo Carina Kenefick
Wickershams Lainey Gerard
Allison Harp
Camila Kenefick
Quinn Rorem
David Scherm
Bird Girls Georgia Bryant
Olivia Domingez
Emma Foughty
Jewel Schonhoff
Vald Vladikoff Emma Foughty
Yertle the Turtle David Scherm
Who’s Joey Fisher
Kate Pritchett
Sarah Raishe
Jonathan Rizzo
Riley Unterbug
Dance Captain Jewel Schonhoff

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