Congratulations to the Cast of Cinderella at Shine!

Cinderella runs October 19-21 and 26-28, 2018.


Narrator 1 Isabel Bonilla
Narrator 2 Carina Kenefick
Narrator 3 Katherine Broyles
Narrator 4 Elisabeth Summer
Anastasia Lainey Gerard
Drizella Julianne Hightower
Cinderella Riley Unterbug
Step-mother Avery Cousins
Town Crier 1 Reagan Schueler
Town Crier 2 Caroline Broyles
Town Crier 3 Lyla Lively
Town Crier 4 Tiffany Chan
Featured Mice:
Jaq Jonathan Rizzo
Perla Gabby Dillard
Gus Kayden Kawi
Suzy Josey Choate
Other mice:
Mary Sarah Raishe
Berta Emily Quartaro
Bennie Lucy Alter
Mert Joey Fisher
Fairy godmother Karena Bunch
Herald Isabel Bonilla
Prince Toby Laird
Queen Peyton Maggard
Grand Duchess Sara Quartaro
Young Maidens Carina Kenifick, Tiffany Chan, Katherine Broyles
Ensemble Isabel Bonilla, Carina Kenefick, Reagan Schueler, Katherine Broyles, Caroline Broyles, Tiffany Chan, Peyton Maggard, Elisabeth Summer, Lyla Lively, Sara Quartaro

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