Congratulations to the Cast of The Wizard of Oz at Shine!

The Wizard of Oz runs January 31-February 2, 2019 at the Courtyard Theatre. Click here to purchase tickets.

Dorothy Gale Olivia Smith
Aunt Em Kylie Simmons
Uncle Henry Dane Reece
Hunk Aidan Laird
Zeke Josiah Horne
Hickory David Scherm
Scarecrow Aidan Laird
Lion Josiah Horne
Tin Man David Scherm
Miss Gulch Avery Lytle
The Wicked Witch of the West Sophia Quartaro
Professor Marvel Malachi Havens
The Wizard of Oz Malachi Havens
Doorman Dane Reece
Guard Dane Reece
Glinda Kendall Cousins
Munchkins Sarah Quartaro
Lauren Carol
Camila Kenefick
Mayor of Munchkin City Joshua Patterson
Coroner Jonathan Rizzo
Three Tots Abby Kate Jacobs
Riley Unterbug
Gabriella Dillard
Three Tough Kids Toby Laird
Lainey Gerard
Carina Kenefick
Woman Selah Havens
Munchkin #1 Kate Pritchett
Munchkin #2 Shiloh Petersen
City Father #1 Dane Reece
City Father #2 Emma Schwartz
Barrister Samantha Pocsik
Jitterbugs Jonathan Rizzo, Dane Reece, Abby Kate Jacobs, Riley Unterbug, Carina Kenefick, Kate Pritchett, Sara Quartaro, Gabby Dillard, Lauren Carol
Jitterbugs: Featured Dancers Shiloh Petersen, Avery Lytle, Joshua Patterson, Malachi Havens, Selah Havens, Emma Schwartz, Kylie Simmons, Lainey Gerard, Samantha Pocsik, Toby Laird
Crows Joshua Patterson, Dane Reece, Emma Schwartz, Lauren Carol, Jonathan Rizzo, Toby Laird
Apple Trees (1) Samantha Pocsik , (2) Sara Quartaro, (3) Camilla Kenefick, Lainey Gerard, Shiloh Petersen, Kate Pritchett
Winged Monkeys Jonathan Rizzo, Abby Kate Jacobs, Carina Kenefick, Sarah Quartaro, Gabby Dillard, Lainey Gerard, Lauren Carol, Riley Unterbug
Nikko Toby Laird
Winkie Guards Shiloh Petersen, Avery Lytle, Camila Kenefick, Dane Reece, Selah Havens, Emma Schwartz, Samantha Pocsik
The Leader of the Winkies Joshua Patterson
Ozians Jonathan Rizzo, Shiloh Petersen, Avery Lytle, Joshua Patterson, Abby Kate Jacobs, Riley Unterbug, Selah Havens, Carina Kenefick, Kate Pritchett, Sarah Quartaro, Emma Schwartz, Gabby Dillard, Kylie Simmons, Lainey Gerard, Samantha Pocsik, Lauren Carol, Toby Laird, Camila Kenefick
Dance Captain Kylie Simmons

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