Congratulations to the Cast of Oklahoma! at Shine

Oklahoma! performs February 23-25 at the Courtyard Theatre in Downtown Plano. Click here to purchase tickets. Buy your tickets early; shows are expected to sell out.

In order of appearance
Aunt Eller Emily Arden Seggerman
Curley Jonathan Horne
Laurey Jewel Schonhoff
Ike Skidmore Jason Steele
Fred Joshua Patterson
Slim Malachi Havens
Will Parker Jack Reece
Jud Fry Jeff Schonhoff
Ado Annie Carnes Hannah Patterson
Ali Hakim Jereme Wolff
Gertie Cummings Jenna Steele
Ellen Olivia Yarbrough
Vivian Christina Contoveros
Virginia Isabelle Forbes
Kate Sarah Grace Seggerman
Andrew Carnes Caleb Patterson
Cord Elam Nicolas Horne
Jess Daryan Henley
Mike Elijah Louie
Joe Eyan Choate
Ensemble and Featured Dancers Mattie Bingham
Georgia Bryant
Jordan Sapp
Penelope Welch
Ensemble Ashley Cooke
Liv Loughry
Carmela Lozano
Kaylee Newell
Tabitha Thompson
Allie Turner
Dance Captain Penelope Welch


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