Congratulations to the cast of Singin’ In the Rain at Shine!

Singin’ In the Rain performs May 10-12, 2019 at The Courtyard Theatre in Downtown Plano. Tickets will go on sale to the public on May 7.

In Order of Appearance
Dora Bailey Emma Kay Clay
Zelda Zanders Emily Arden Seggerman
Olga Mara Makenna Ostrom
Mary Margaret Jolie Lambert
R.F. Simpson Drew Smith
Roscoe Dexter Nicolas Horne
Cosmo Brown Jereme Wolff
Lina Lamont Catelyn Lawrence
Don Lockwood Jason Steele
Young Don Joshua Patterson
Young Cosmo Josiah Horne
Rod Bryson Coker
Kathy Selden Anna Grace Crawford
Policeman Jack Reece
1st Assistant Director Jacob Ward
2nd Assistant Director Israel Orozco
3rd Assistant Director Christian Cortez
Wardrobe Mistress Cate Garcia
Hairdresser Kendall Cousins
Production Singer Jonathan Horne
Sid Phillips Malachi Havens
Miss Dinsmore Jenna Steele
Male Diction Teacher Jeff Schonhoff
Sound Engineer Dane Reece
Broadway Ballet Featured Dancers Penelope Welch and Kylie Simmons
“You Stepped Out Of A Dream” and “Make Em Laugh” Ensemble Allie Harrington, Malachi Havens, Jonathan Horne, Josiah Horne, Camila Kenefick, Avery Lytle, Joshua Patterson, Jack Reece, Jenna Steele, Christine Sullivan
Girls of The Coconut Grove Kendall Cousins, Phoebe Choate, Cate Garcia, Sarah Jensen, Hannah Patterson, Jordan Sapp, Jewel Schonhoff, Kylie Simmons, Olivia Smith, Penelope Welch
Partygoers and Movie Production Staff Elizabeth Contoveros, Christian Cortez, Abigail Jarrett, Israel Orozco, Sophia Quartaro, Dane Reece, Mackenzie Steele, Abbie Sutton, Allie Turner, Jacob Ward
Monumental Studios Dancers Emma Kay Clay, Phoebe Choate, Sarah Jensen, Camila Kenefick, Makenna Ostrom, Hannah Patterson, Jordan Sapp, Emily Arden Seggerman, Jewel Schonhoff, Jenna Steele, Penelope Welch
Dance Captain Penelope Welch

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