Congratulations to the cast of The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Shine!

Tickets go on sale to the public on August 13, 2020.
PrinciplesIn Order of Appearance
Dom Claude FrolloJefferson Schonhoff
QuasimodoSamuel Ea
ClopinKendall Cousins
Phoebus De MartinEyan Choate
EsmeraldaOlivia Smith
King Louis XIMalachi Havens
Congregation/ChoirIncludes Revelers, Soldiers, Gypsies, Townspeople, Parishoners, and others
M1 (Including Frederic)Jeremiah Mainor
M2 (Including Dupin)Daniel Burks
M3Stephen Harden
M4Malachi Havens
M5 (Including St. Aphrodisius)Joshua Patterson
M6 (Including Official)Jack Bowman
M7 (Including Jehan Frollo)Caiden Garcia
M8Kylie Simmons
F1 (Including Florika)Rylee Polk
F2Jayne Pecena
F3Genevieve Welch
F4 (Including Madam)Catelyn Lawrence
Abigail Dunn
Elizabeth Mainor
Kaylee Newell
Abbie Sutton
Congregation/ChoirIncludes Gargoyles, Revelers, Soldiers, Gypsies, Townspeople, and others
M1Andrew Dunn
M2Sophia Quartaro
M3Tristen Nelson
M4Samuel Boyd
M6David Nevils
M7Jonathan Rizzo
M8Sarah Jensen
F1Riley Unterbug
F2Aislyn Standifer
F3Phoebe Choate
F4Avery Lytle
Dance CaptainJayne Pecena

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