Congratulations to the cast of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at Shine!

We are currently looking to cast 10 additional children between the ages of 8-12 in this hilarious Christmas classic. Please email if you are interested in auditioning!

Father (Bob Bradley)Caiden Garcia
Mother (Grace Bradley)Jayne Pecena
Beth BradleyJosey Choate
Charlie BradleyOwen Garcia
Ralph HerdmanJonathan Rizzo
Imogene HerdmanTabitha Welch
Leroy HerdmanTBD
Claude HerdmanColton Newell
Ollie HerdmanElise Garcia
Gladys HerdmanLila Hulme
Alice WendlekenJuliet Welch
Mrs. ArmstrongGenevieve Welch
Mrs. Slocum/Mrs. CrausingLya Peterson
Rev. HopkinsJoshua Cana
MaxineLillieana Lorance
ElmerMicah Thompson
Mrs. Clark/Mrs. McCarthyKaylee Newell
HobieSilas Choate
Children’s EnsembleTBD

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