Congratulations to the cast of Seussical Kids at Shine!

Seussical Kids is a part of our summer camp, Musical Madness. There are only two performances on July 16. Buy your tickets here!

JoJoAly Dominguez
Cat In the Hat/Talk Show Host/MarshallTitus Havens
HortonBenaiah Havens
Mr. MayorColton Newell
Mrs. MayorGrace Jackson
GertrudeLila Hulme
MayzieMaya Howard
Sour KangarooNoielle Eckert
Young KangarooSavana Unterbug
Wickersham #1Alex Rambo
Wickersham #2Annie Dominguez
Wickersham #3Emily Quartaro
Judge YertleTyler Hulme
VladEvan Pounds
Jungle Citizen #1 and 4Ryn Unterbug
Jungle Citizen #2Wil Finfrock
Jungle Citizen #3 and 5Timothy Glass
Citizens Of WhovilleCharlotte Barley
Claire Anderson
Crystal Elam
Maya Betru
Samuel Dunn
Taylor Davis

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