Congratulations to the cast of James and the Giant Peach Jr at Shine!

The show runs February 25-27 at The Courtyard Theatre in Downtown Plano. Tickets will go on sale to the public on January 6.

In order of appearance
LadahlordAvery Krizan
JamesEvan Pounds
LadybugAlly Dominguez
GrasshopperTitus Havens
SpiderEllie Hammer
EarthwormBenaiah Havens
CentipedeOwen Garcia
SpikerLucy Alter
SpongeKate Reed
Matron NurseAnnie Dominguez
Mr. TrotterJeremiah McMahon
Mrs. TrotterFinley Callahan
Rhino PuppetNolan Patton
Karl KreatourCollin Suggs
Passing ManJeremiah McMahon
Man with WalletCollin Suggs
Passing WomanAlex Rambo
Billy Bobby CopCollin Suggs
Bobby Bobby CopNolan Patton
Doreen DrigglesAlaina Guerrieri
Violet FunkschmellerFinley Callahan
Ridgley RapscallionAlex Rambo
Chris CryermouthJeremiah McMahon
Ida WaltersFinley Callahan
Bitsy BotanaAnnie Dominguez
Garden Guild LadiesAlex Rambo
Alaina Guerrieri
BuzzJeremiah McMahon
AgentsNolan Patton
Collin Suggs
Willy WonkaJeremiah McMahon
Oompa LoompasNolan Patton
Collin Suggs
JakeCollin Suggs
JoeNolan Patton
Lucille Van KooglesteinAlex Rambo
Bunny MacKenzie the 3rdFinley Callahan

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