Congratulations to the cast of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella at Shine!

Cinderella will perform February 21-23, 2020 at the Courtyard Theatre in Downtown Plano. Tickets will go on sale on December 13, 2019. Click here to purchase tickets.

Cinderella Kendall Cousins
Prince Charming Malachi Havens
Fairy Godmother Jewel Schonhoff
Stepmother Izzy Forbes
Portia Sophia Quartaro
Joy Olivia Smith
Queen Penelope Welch
King Jeff Schonhoff
Herald Caiden Garcia
Chef Joshua Patterson
Steward Noah Garcia
Ensemble (Townspeople, Additional Stewards and Chefs, Footmen, Coachmen, and Puppeteers):
Samuel Boyd
Sarah Jensen
Camila Kenefick
Avery Lytle
David Nevils
Laura Paschall
Jayne Pecena
Abbie Sutton
Tabitha Thompson
Ryan Welch
Dance Captain Penelope Welch

Congratulations to the cast of Legally Blonde Jr!

In Order of Appearance
Elle Woods Ellery Jane Works
Margot/Sabrina Kate Pritchett
Serena Hannah Gillard
Pilar Sophia Taylor
Bookish Client Elisabeth Summer
Warner Huntington III Quinn Shilliday
Emmett Forrest Jude Taylor
Vivienne Kensington/Kate Riley Unterbug
Gaelen/Whitney/Kiki the Colorist Arianna Teixeria
Professor Callahan Toby Laird
Lowell/Paulette Avery Krizan
Pfforzheimer/ Brooke Wyndham Sara Quartaro
Store Manger/Chutney Wyndham Lya Peterson
Sundeep Agrawal Padamadan/Kyle Kayden Kawi
Grandmaster Chad/Dewey/Judge Jonathan Rizzo
Jet Blue Pilot/Aaron Schultz Ben Jacob
Enid Hoppes Elisabeth Summer
Winthrop/Stylist/Prison Guard Owen Garcia
Saleswomen/Cashier Leonor Garcia Quispe


Congratulations to the cast of Winnie the Pooh at Shine!


Winnie the Pooh will perform November 8-10 and 15-17, 2019 at Shine. Tickets are selling quickly and shows are expected to sell out. Click here to purchase tickets.

Red Juliet Welch
Orange Lucy Beaird
Yellow Annie Martin
Green Campbell Roberts
Blue Ava Scott
Purple Sarah Raishe
Winnie the Pooh Hannah Gillard
Pooh’s Tummy Josey Choate
Tigger Julianne Hightower
Piglet Becca Jacob
Rabbit Avery Krizan
Owl Sara Quartaro
Kanga Tabitha Welch
Roo Emily Quartaro
Eeyore Quinn Shilliday
Christopher Robin Kayden Kawi
Animal Chorus Joey Fisher
  Jin-Jing Huang
  Kayden Kawi
  Lya Peterson
  Lilah Svatek
  Kassidy Svatek
  Olivia Yee
  Jordyn Young

Congratulations to the cast of Guys and Dolls at Shine!


Guys and Dolls will perform November 1-3, 2019 at the Courtyard Theatre in Downtown Plano. Tickets will go on sale on August 20.

In Order of Appearance
Nicely Nicely Johnson Noah Garcia
Benny Southwest Bryson Coker
Rusty Charlie Malachi Havens
Sarah Brown Olivia Smith
Arvide Abernathy Braxton Dietz
Save a Soul Mission Band Owen Garcia
Benaiah Havens
Titus Havens
Jonathan Rizzo
Abbie Sutton
Jayne Pecena (Agatha)
David Nevils (Calvin)
Liv Loughry (Martha)
Harry the Horse Samuel Boyd
Lt. Brannigan Aidan Laird
Nathan Detroit Jereme Wolff
Crap Shooters (male featured dancers) Bryson Coker
Caiden Garcia
Malachi Havens
Joshua Patterson
Jeff Schonhoff
Reuben Stecher
Jereme Wolff
Angie the Ox Caiden Garcia
Miss Adelaide Jewel Schonhoff
Sky Masterson Israel Orozco
Joey Biltmore Jeff Schonhoff
Hot Box Dancers (female featured dancers) Kendall Cousins
Catelyn Lawrence
Avery Lytle
Laura Paschall
Penelope Welch
Grace Woodward
General Matilda B. Cartwright Sophia Quartaro
Big Jule Reuben Stecher
Master of Ceremonies Joshua Patterson
Dance Captain Penelope Welch

Congratulations to the cast of 101 Dalmatians at Shine!

There is still plenty of room to join our cast! Join us for Musical Madness July 8-12!

Cruella De Vil Julianne Hightower
Roger Quinn Shilliday
Anita Tabitha Welch
Horace TBD
Jasper Sara Quartaro
Perdita Juliet Welch
Pongo TBD
Lucky Kassidy Svatek
Patch Mary Morris
Penny Arianna Teixeira
Pepper Emily Quartaro
Nanny Elisabeth Summer
Sergeant Tibbs TBD
Boxer Narrator Gabby Dillard
Scottie Narrator Carrie Beaird
Poodle Narrator Lilah Svatek
Chihuaha Narrator Annie Martin
Puppy ensemble Melia Dillard
Mary Beth Hulcy
Paige Svatek


Congratulations to the cast of Sister Act at Shine!

Our show performs September 27-29, 2019 at The Courtyard Theatre in Downtown Plano. Tickets will go on sale June 1. Buy your tickets early; tickets are limited and shows are expected to sell out.

Deloris Van Cartier Mercedez Montgomery
Mother Superior Jenna Steele
Sister Mary Robert Sarah Grace Seggerman
Monsignor O’Hara Eyan Choate
Curtis Jackson Daryan Henley
Eddie Southern Jacob Ward
TJ Jeff Schonhoff
Joey Jason Steele
Pablo Elijah Louie
Ernie William Choate
Sister Mary Lazarus Jewel Schonhoff
Sister Mary Patrick Izzy Forbes
Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours Olivia Yarbrough
Sister Mary Theresa Phoebe Choate
Michelle Olivia Smith
Tina Selah Havens
Waitress Kendall Cousins
Ensemble Abbie Sutton
Christina Contoveros
Christine Sullivan
Emma Schwartz
Grace Woodward
Jayne Pecena
Kaylee Newell
Kendall Cousins
Liv Loughry
Olivia Smith
Penelope Welch
Rachel Childers

Congratulations to the cast of Peter and the Starcatcher at Shine!

Our show performs August 16-18 and 23-25 at Shine. Click here to purchase tickets. Buy your tickets early; tickets are limited and shows are expected to sell out.

Black Stache Jereme Wolff
Boy (Peter) Jefferson Schonhoff
Molly Kendall Cousins
Mrs. Bumbrake Samuel Boyd
Lord Aster Malachi Havens
Smee Catelyn Lawrence
Alf Kevin Hyland
Slank/Hawking Clam Olivia Yarbrough
Ted Jon Charles Hyland
Prentiss Camilla Kenefick
Grempkin/Mack/Sanchez/Fighting Prawn Tabitha Thompson
Captain Scott Bryson Coker
Teacher Avery Lytle
Pirates, Mollusks, Seamen, Mermaids, Puppeteers
Mattie Bingham
Nicolas Horne (Male U/S)
Avery Lytle
Kaylee Newell
Penelope Welch

Congratulations to the cast of Singin’ In the Rain at Shine!

Singin’ In the Rain performs May 10-12, 2019 at The Courtyard Theatre in Downtown Plano. Tickets will go on sale to the public on May 7.

In Order of Appearance
Dora Bailey Emma Kay Clay
Zelda Zanders Emily Arden Seggerman
Olga Mara Makenna Ostrom
Mary Margaret Jolie Lambert
R.F. Simpson Drew Smith
Roscoe Dexter Nicolas Horne
Cosmo Brown Jereme Wolff
Lina Lamont Catelyn Lawrence
Don Lockwood Jason Steele
Young Don Joshua Patterson
Young Cosmo Josiah Horne
Rod Bryson Coker
Kathy Selden Anna Grace Crawford
Policeman Jack Reece
1st Assistant Director Jacob Ward
2nd Assistant Director Israel Orozco
3rd Assistant Director Christian Cortez
Wardrobe Mistress Cate Garcia
Hairdresser Kendall Cousins
Production Singer Jonathan Horne
Sid Phillips Malachi Havens
Miss Dinsmore Jenna Steele
Male Diction Teacher Jeff Schonhoff
Sound Engineer Dane Reece
Broadway Ballet Featured Dancers Penelope Welch and Kylie Simmons
“You Stepped Out Of A Dream” and “Make Em Laugh” Ensemble Allie Harrington, Malachi Havens, Jonathan Horne, Josiah Horne, Camila Kenefick, Avery Lytle, Joshua Patterson, Jack Reece, Jenna Steele, Christine Sullivan
Girls of The Coconut Grove Kendall Cousins, Phoebe Choate, Cate Garcia, Sarah Jensen, Hannah Patterson, Jordan Sapp, Jewel Schonhoff, Kylie Simmons, Olivia Smith, Penelope Welch
Partygoers and Movie Production Staff Elizabeth Contoveros, Christian Cortez, Abigail Jarrett, Israel Orozco, Sophia Quartaro, Dane Reece, Mackenzie Steele, Abbie Sutton, Allie Turner, Jacob Ward
Monumental Studios Dancers Emma Kay Clay, Phoebe Choate, Sarah Jensen, Camila Kenefick, Makenna Ostrom, Hannah Patterson, Jordan Sapp, Emily Arden Seggerman, Jewel Schonhoff, Jenna Steele, Penelope Welch
Dance Captain Penelope Welch