Congratulations to the Cast of Shrek at Shine!

In Order of Appearance
Mama Ogre Phoebe Choate
Papa Ogre Bryson Coker
Little Ogre Josiah Horne
Shrek Jonathan Horne
Captain of the Guards Jason Steele
Pinocchio David Scherm
Big Bad Wolf Kaleb Law
Pig 1 Lliam Mattingly
Pig 2 Joshua Patterson
Pig 3 Josiah Horne
Wicked Witch Olivia Smith
Peter Pan Emma Foughty
Ugly Duckling Christina Contoveros
Mama Bear Nicole Vogler
Papa Bear Jack Reece
Baby Bear Carina Kenefick
Pied Piper Dane Reece
Shoemaker’s Elf Lainey Gerard
Fairy Godmother Skyler Gerard
Tinkerbell Kristen Coleman
White Rabbit Allison Harp
Alice Shiloh Petersen
Red Riding Hood Jillian Conaway
Jiminy Cricket William Choate
Humpty Dumpty Abbie Sutton
Donkey Nicolas Horne
Lord Farquaad Jefferson Schonhoff
Gingy Jenna Steele
Young Fiona Evelyn Parsley
Teen Fiona Kendall Cousins
Princess Fiona Juliet Schonhoff
Knight 1 Jack Reece
Knight 2 Bryson Coker
Knight 3 Jason Steele
Knight 4 Aidan Laird
Dragon Sophie Dryden
Rats Eyan Choate
Kendall Cousins
Braxton Dietz
Camila Kenefick
Evelyn Parsley
Miette Rodriguez
Bishop Eyan Choate
Dwarf Aidan Laird
Duloc Dancers Braxton Dietz
Phoebe Choate
Emma Foughty
Camila Kenefick
Joshua Patterson
Shiloh Petersen
Miette Rodriguez
Jenna Steele

Congratulations to the Cast of Willy Wonka at Shine!

Willy Wonka runs May 18-20 at the Cox Playhouse in Downtown Plano. Tickets will go on sale on March 23.

Willy Wonka Aidan Laird
Candy Man Carina Kenefick
Charlie Bucket Toby Laird
Grandpa Joe Damon White
Mrs. Bucket Claire Perlick
Cherry Street Sarah Raishe
Augustus Gloop Quinn Rorem
Mrs. Gloop Avery Cousins
Meg Teavee Sara Quartaro
Ms. Teavee Peyton Maggard
Violet Beauredarde Kate Pritchett
Veruca Salt Lainey Gerard
Grandma Josephina/Oompa Loompa Rachel Avila
Grandma Georgina/Oompa Loompa Tiffany Chan
Grandpa George/Oompa Loompa Luke Miller
Jamie Sophia Zapata
Matilda Lucy Alter
Mrs. Beauregarde Emily Couch
Ms. Salt Isabelle Bonilla
The Candy Man Kids and Oompa Loompas Lauren Avila
Karena Bunch
Cin-Hui Chan

Congratulations to the cast of Les Miserables at Shine

Show runs May 26-28 at The Courtyard Theatre in Downtown Plano. Click here to purchase tickets.

In Order of Appearance
Jean Valjean Jack Schonhoff
Javert Jason Steele
Constables Andrew Sullivan
Gabriel Anderson
Farmer David Scherm
Laborer Braxton Dietz
Bishop/Jean Provaire Jack Reece
Fantine Jolie Lambert
Factory Foreman/Grantaire Jereme Wolf
Old Woman Layla Rorem
Bamatabois/Courfeyrac/Convict Bryson Coker
Young Cosette Riley Unterbug
Young Epoinine Arianna Teixeira
Madame Thenardier Olivia Yarborough
Thenardier/Convict 4 Jefferson Schonhoff
Pimp/Convict/Montparnasse Kaleb Law
Fauchelevent Josiah Horne
Eponine Olivia Smith
Enjolras/Convict Jacob Ward
Marius/Convict 1 Jonathan Horne
Cosette Juliet Schonhoff
Gavroche Jonathan Rizzo
Combeferre/Worker 1/Convict 5 Nicolas Horne
Joly/Worker 2 Joshua Patterson
Factory Girl 1 Skyler Gerard
Factory Girl 2 Kendall Cousins
Factory Girl 3 Hannah Patterson
Factory Girl 4 Jenna Steele
Factory Girl 5 Emily Arden Seggerman
Babet Cora Avila
Brujon/Convict 3 Malachi Havens
Claquesous Sophia Quartaro
Urchin Christine Sullivan
Major Domo Gabriel Anderson
Farm Laborers, Factory Workers, Courtroom Ensemble, Street People Skyler Gerard, Hannah Rhodes, Kendall Cousins, Jenna Steele, Emily Arden Seggerman, David Scherm, Braxton Deitz, Joshua Patterson, Hannah Patterson, Jereme Wolff
Onlookers Lovely Ladies/Customers/Sailors, Inn Customers, One Day More Chorus Layla Rorem, Bryson Coker, Will Singleton, Kaleb Law, Mattie Bingham, Phoebe Choate, Elizabeth Contoveros, Jordan Sapp, Catelyn Lawrence, Sarah Grace Seggerman
The Poor Jonathan Rizzo, Malachi Havens, Lliam Mattingly, Liv Loughry, Christine Sullivan, Sophia Quartaro, Brooklyn Downs, Cora Avila, Allison Harp, Kylie Simmons, Josiah Horne
Revolutionaries Braxton Dietz, David Scherm
Barricade Girls Liv Loughry, Sarah Grace Seggerman, Sophia Quartaro, Cora Avila, Allison Harp, Kylie Simmons
French Army Gabriel Anderson, Dane Reece, Andrew Sullivan, Josiah Horne, Lliam Mattingly, Malachi Havens
Turning Girls Skyler Gerard, Kendall Cousins, Jenna Steele, Emily Arden Seggerman, Hannah Patterson, Catelyn Lawrence, Layla Rorem
Wedding Guests Mattie Bingham, Phoebe Choate, Elizabeth Contoveros, Jordan Sapp, Christine Sullivan, Dane Reece, Andrew Sullivan, Josiah Horne, Lliam Mattingly, Malachi Havens

Congratulations to the Cast of Fiddler on the Roof at Shine!

Click here to purchase tickets for the show.

Tevye Jackson Schonhoff
Golde Emily Arden Seggerman
Tzeitel Catelyn Lawrence
Hodel Sarah Jensen
Chava Sophie Dryden
Shprintze Christine Sullivan
Bielke Emily Owens
Motel Noah Sowalskie
Perchik Jereme Wolff
Lazar Wolf Gebriel Anderson
The Fiddler Ellis Permann
Yente Sarah Grace Seggerman
Fyedka Jefferson Schonhoff
Constable Geoffrey Choate
Grandma Tzeitel Juliet Schonhoff
Fruma Sarah Hannah Rhodes
Mordcha Jack Reece
Yussel Dane Reece
Avram David Scherm
Mendel Jason Steele
Rabbi Kaleb Law
Sasha Jake Foughty
Russian Soldier Lliam Mattingly
Bottle Dancers Josiah Horne
Joshua Patterson
Dane Reece
Jack Reece
David Scherm
Jason Steele
Sons Toby Laird
Jonathan Rizzo
Josiah Horne
Joshua Patterson
Jason Steele
Papas Jack Reece
Dane Reece
David Scherm
Daughters Tiffany Chan
Rachel Childers
Christina Contoveros
Elizabeth Contoveros
Emily Couch
Kendall Cousins
Brooklyn Downs
Claire Perlick
Shiloh Petersen
Kate Pritchett
Jordan Sapp
Olivia Smith
Abbie Sutton
Arianna Sy
Allie Turner
Riley Unterbug
Mamas Sabra Armstrong
Allison Harp
Hannah Jones
Olivia Loughry
Hannah Patterson
Kylie Simmons
Jenna Steele
Olivia Yarbrough

Congratulations to the Main Stage Cast of The Sound of Music!


Performances are November 3-5, 2017 at the Courtyard Theatre.
Click here to purchase tickets.

Maria Rainer Danielle Sullivan
The Mother Abbess Catelyn Lawrence
Sister Berthe Olivia Yarborough
Sister Margaretta Layla Rorem
Sister Sophia Elizabeth Contoveros
Captain Georg Von Trapp Jackson Schonhoff
Franz Jefferson Schonhoff
Frau Schmidt Ellis Permann
Liesel Juliet Schonhoff
Friedrich Jack Reece
Louisa Olivia Smith
Kurt Jonathan Rizzo
Brigitta Riley Unterbug
Marta Sarah Raishe
Gretl Ryn Unterbug
Rolf Gruber Noah Sowalskie
Max Detweiler Jereme Wolff
Herr Zeller Aaron Jensen
Baron Elberfeld Dane Reece
Admiral Von Schreiber TBD
Trio of the Saengerbund of Herwegen Shiloh Petersen
Sophia Quartaro
Christine Sullivan
Fraulein Schweiger Christina Contoveros
Goat: Featured Dancer Claire Perlick
Girl in the Pale Pink Coat: Featured Dancer Emily Owens
Mama: Featured Dancer Hannah Rhodes
Vaughn Merriman
Abbie Sutton
Rachael Childers
Kylie Simmons
Jillian Conaway

Congratulations to the Rising Star Cast of The Sound of Music!


Maria Rainer Kendall Cousins
The Mother Abbess Skyler Gerard
Sister Berthe Sydney Saynor
Sister Margaretta Jenna Steele
Sister Sophia Sarah Quartaro
Captain Georg Von Trapp Jason Steele
Franz Josiah Horne
Frau Schmidt Allison Harp
Liesel Peyton Maggard
Friedrich Cade Sturgeon
Louisa Carina Kinefick
Kurt Toby Laird
Brigitta Lainey Gerard
Marta Isabel Bonilla
Gretl Ryann Jenkins
Rolf Gruber Will Singleton
Max Detweiler Kaleb Law
Herr Zeller Josiah Horne
Baron Elberfeld Will Singleton
Admiral Von Schreiber Andrew Turner
Trio of the Saengerbund of Herwegen Lily Morocco
Anna Mathers
Brooklyn Downs
Fraulein Schweiger Allyx Shirar
Goat: Featured Dancer Avery Cousins
Girl in the Pale Pink Coat: Featured Dancer Lyla Lively
Mama: Featured Dancer Elena Velasquez
Nuns and Party Guests Caroline Grane
Brenna Kingsley

My kid wants to do Musical Theatre…now what? – Part 2

By: Claire McNeill

Last week, I started a new blog series as a resource for new drama mamas (and dads). If your child has fallen in love with musical theatre and you’re not sure where to start, I’m here to help.

Be sure to read the first post so that you’re up to speed – click here to read the first installment.

Last time, I shared about supporting your child’s passion. Now, I want to encourage you to let your child’s passion become your passion. You don’t know much about theatre? That’s okay – you and your child can learn about it together!

I firmly believe than an artist needs to be inspired. That means that your child needs to be exposed to lots of different types of performing and literary arts. Your child needs to be seeing shows – and not just musical theatre. Find Shakespeare, dance concerts, local professionally produced productions, national tours, even Broadway shows televised in the movie theatre. Get lost on YouTube watching old recordings of past Tony Award performances. Listen to the Original Broadway Cast recordings of musicals you have never heard of. Go to your local music shop and peruse the sheet music. If your child thinks they love musical theatre, learning about all of these things will help them know if they would like to continue pursuing it. What a great excuse to spend time with your kid doing something fun!

Having these unique cultural experiences will not only inform your child as an actor, but make them a more well rounded person. Who can argue with that?

If you can afford it, save up your pennies to take your child to New York City. If you live in Dallas like I do, it is actually cheaper to (easily!) purchase half-price tickets in NYC than it is to go see the national tours that come through town a few years after the show has left Broadway. Some of my most treasured memories as a child were seeing shows on Broadway and the West End with my parents.

Following your child’s performances, show your enthusiasm. There’s nothing worse than feeling like your parent would rather be at home watching the big game than stuck at the theatre seeing your show. My students know when their parents don’t like theatre and it makes the experience less exciting for them. Do time steps make you tear up? Do monologues make you feel like a maniac? That’s okay…your secret is safe with me. I encourage you to try to see theatre through your child’s eyes and fall in love with it like they have. If nothing else, see that they have found a place where they can belong. Even the grumpiest theatre-goer can get behind that.

Shine students displaying their showmanship…and excitement for musical theatre.

My kid wants to do Musical Theatre…now what?

By Claire McNeill

I’m excited to start a new blog series as a resource for my favorite kind of parents…drama mamas (and dads too, of course)!

I often have students who surprise their families with their love and talent for musical theatre. Many of their parents have no experience in the performing arts and would like to support their kiddos but have no clue which way to turn in order to guide them.

So…I’ll be writing a series of blog posts titled, “My kid wants to do Musical Theatre…now what?”

First, I’ll be addressing the number one question of this nature that I get from parents: “SHOULD I support my child’s dreams of pursuing musical theatre?

So many parents are afraid of the perceived cut-throat nature of theatre. I think that many parents fear that their child “isn’t good enough” and that Broadway isn’t a realistic dream. Or maybe parents believe their child is good enough to “make it” but they are worried that their kid will end up living in a 300 square foot apartment in NYC with 6 roommates and waiting tables for their entire adult life. If you hold these fears, I want to encourage you to think beyond these possible preconceived notions and consider the benefits.

There are so many exciting professions in theatre: acting, producing, teaching, music directing, choreographing, writing, and of course, my favorite option – directing.

But let’s not put the cart before the horse. If your child is in elementary or middle school (and maybe even high school), who’s to say that your child is even going to want to pursue a career in theatre? What if I told you that theatre is a hobby that will allow your child to grow their confidence and self-worth; learn how to collaborate with a group; grow their leadership, public speaking, and responsibility skills; make friends; become more physically active; hone their critical thinking skills; raise their test scores; gain empathy through acting; learn how to read music; and develop cherished life-long memories? When you see those benefits on paper, it’s a no-brainer! In my opinion, the skills that are gained and the benefits of children’s and youth theatre are unparalleled to any other hobby.

But, forget about test scores and resumes and building skills for a minute. Here’s the short version of my answer: Does musical theatre bring your child joy? Do you see them come alive every time you pick them up from rehearsal? Have they discovered an untapped passion? Then, by all means, you should support your child in pursuing musical theatre! If your child is in a safe and wholesome atmosphere and falling asleep with a smile on their face every night when they leave the theatre, it’s a win. Maybe right now, let’s just let our kids be kids and not worry about what the New York casting agents are going to say quite yet.

Proud Shine students after a performance of Annie Jr.


Shine Hires New Teaching Artist

Our Fast Growing Children’s Theatre and Performing Arts Studio Gains New Acting Instructor

Clayton Sackett

Plano, TX – We are proud to announce that Clayton Sackett has joined our team as an acting instructor. Clayton lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the majority of his life before moving to Allen, TX in 2014. He started in the Acting program at KD Conservatory but quickly switched to Musical Theatre because, in his words, “Musical Theatre students have to be better actors.” He graduated with his degree in Musical Theatre Performance from KD Conservatory of Film and Dramatic Arts and started teaching a year after. He comments, “I’m extremely excited to be at Shine and teach each student about the joys and depths of performing.”

Clayton has been heavily involved with the DFW theatre community since moving here. Some of his favorite roles have been: Tony (West Side Story), Billy Bigelow (Carousel), The Beast (Beauty and the Beast), Willy Wonka (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), Cinderella’s Prince (Into The Woods).

We’re thrilled to welcome Clayton to our growing studio. His passion for the performing arts and enthusiasm for teaching will be a blessing to our wonderful students. Welcome, Clayton!

Congratulations to the Cast of High School Musical 2!








Troy Bolton Noah Sowalskie
Chad Danforth Jack Reece
Jack Scott Aidan Laird
Ryan Evans Hunter Hurt
Zeke Baylor Cooper Ragle
Gabriella Montez Arianna Sy
Taylor McKessie A’myeh Fisher
Sharpay Evans Sophie Dryden
Martha Cox Hannah Patterson
Kelsi Neilson Georgia Bryant
Fulton Isaiah Baumann
Sharpettes Kinley Kitchens
Sabra Armstrong
Avery McElya
Synchronized Swimmers, Cheerleaders, Ball Dancers, Hula Dancers, Makeover Artists, Pool Kids, Tiki Dancers, Fish, Talent Show
Abbie Sutton
Allison Harp
Kenna Morris
Lainey Gerard
Isabel Bonilla
Sarah Raishe
Ryann Jenkins
Pool Boys Jonathan Rizzo
Joshua Patterson
Theresa Templeton Kirsten Schilling
Janey Fire Riley Unterbug
Billy “Hot Rod” Flatley Toby Laird
Robby Shimshank Lliam Mattingly
Tailor Jillian Conaway
Dermatologist Rachel Childers
Valet Emily Couch
Hairdresser Lily Murray