Introducing: Shine’s Performance Troupe!

Kendall Cousins
Owen Garcia
Hannah Gillard
Malachi Havens
Joshua Patterson
Jonathan Rizzo
Jeff Schonhoff
Olivia Smith
Riley Unterbug
Penelope Welch

This elite group of performers has been hand-picked from our group of students to represent Shine in the community. The troupe of 10 performers (5 male and 5 female performers) was selected based on their exceptional work-ethic, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, performance, and singing ability.

This pilot group will hold just a few rehearsals together in preparation for two public Christmas performances: Dickens in Historic Downtown Plano and Santa’s Village in Richardson. The group will prepare a 20 minute set of Christmas songs including group numbers, duets, quartets, and solos.

Following the holidays, we will determine whether or not the group will continue to rehearse and make public appearances. Weekly rehearsals will only be held leading up to public performances. Rehearsals will be structured to teach the students how to cover for each other in hopes that 8 of the 10 performers are available for each public appearance.

The group will be asked to provide their own festive Christmas outfit for performances. Specifics will be determined together as a group.

Performance Dates and Times:

Friday, December 6 from 8:30-9:15 pm: Dickens in Historic Downtown Plano
Saturday, December 7 from 8:30-9:15 pm: Santa’s Village in Richardson