Shine Hires New Teaching Artist

Our Fast Growing Children’s Theatre and Performing Arts Studio Gains New Acting Instructor

Clayton Sackett

Plano, TX – We are proud to announce that Clayton Sackett has joined our team as an acting instructor. Clayton lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the majority of his life before moving to Allen, TX in 2014. He started in the Acting program at KD Conservatory but quickly switched to Musical Theatre because, in his words, “Musical Theatre students have to be better actors.” He graduated with his degree in Musical Theatre Performance from KD Conservatory of Film and Dramatic Arts and started teaching a year after. He comments, “I’m extremely excited to be at Shine and teach each student about the joys and depths of performing.”

Clayton has been heavily involved with the DFW theatre community since moving here. Some of his favorite roles have been: Tony (West Side Story), Billy Bigelow (Carousel), The Beast (Beauty and the Beast), Willy Wonka (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), Cinderella’s Prince (Into The Woods).

We’re thrilled to welcome Clayton to our growing studio. His passion for the performing arts and enthusiasm for teaching will be a blessing to our wonderful students. Welcome, Clayton!

Congratulations to the Main Stage Cast of Beauty and the Beast!


Belle – Layla Rorem

Beast – Isaiah Baumann

Gaston – Jack Schonhoff

Lumiere – Dane Reece

Cogsworth – Lliam Mattingly

Babette – Kendall Cousins

Mrs. Potts – Darron Choate

Chip – Toby Laird

Lefou- Aidan Laird

Maurice – Jack Reece

Madame De La Grande Bouche – Juliet Eidson

Madame D’Arque – Kennedy Soffa

Silly Girls – Sophia Quartaro, Olivia Smith and Rylee Polk

Old Beggar Woman/Enchantress – Christine Sullivan

Narrators – Allyx Shirar, Jillian Conaway, Megan Morris, Christina Contoveros


Villagers –

Aristocratic Lady – Elizabeth Contoveros

Fish Man –Jonathan Rizzo

Egg Woman – Abbie Sutton

Sausage Curl Girl – Claire Perlick

Baker – Quinn Rorem

Lady with Cane – Shiloh Petersen

Lady with Baby – A’myeh Fisher-Jeff

Candle Woman – Ana Yoch

Hat Seller – Avery Cousins

Milkmaid – Lily Murray

Shepherd Boy – Mason Polk

Congratulations to the Rising Star cast of Beauty and the Beast!


Belle – Phoebe Choate

Beast – Geoffrey Choate

Gaston – Kaleb Law

Cogsworth – Joshua Patterson

Maurice – Andrew Turner

Lefou – Luke Miller

Lumiere – Lainey Gerard

Mrs. Potts – Kassidy Harden

Chip – Kamille Harden

Babette – Peyton Maggard

Madame De La Grande Bouche – Sydney Saynor

Narrator – Allie Turner, Rhys Williams, Allison Howes

Silly Girls – Harper Lutz, Kenna Morris, Sara Quartaro

Old Beggar Woman/Enchantress – Jessica Howes

Rose – Addison Hoyt


Villagers –

Sophie Cho

Jacob Essig

Caitlin Farguharson

Rachel Hamby

Ryann Jenkins

Andi Howes

Katie Ma

Abigail Pierson

Sophia Shi

Michelle Tang