Looking for theatre, acting, dance, or singing classes for students ages 8-18? You’ve found the right place: The Academy at Shine. Come for the classes, stay for the perks of the entire membership!

The Academy at Shine is an opportunity for students to become members of Shine for unlimited drop-in classes, discounted show tuition, priority registration for auditions, and access to private events. Academy members are given a discount around $100 for every show they perform in!

Busy families love our class structure: every student has access to the same five classes each week. Students can choose to attend any or all of those five classes but aren’t penalized if they have to miss a class.

Our class program is leveled so that we can best serve our students with individualized instruction and small class sizes. New members ages 8-12 begin in Level 1. New members ages 13-18 begin in Level 2.

Class schedule beginning on August 11:

By registering and paying tuition, you are committing to the following agreement:
The Academy at Shine Membership Agreement



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