Welcome to Shine!

Shine is a family-friendly, faith-based performing arts studio for kids and teenagers to hone their skills in singing, acting, and dancing. We offer classes, musical productions, summer camps, and other children’s theatre opportunities in Plano, TX.


  • My daughter was so lucky to have the opportunity to perform in Shine’s first production, High School Musical Jr. The production itself was engaging, creative and so much fun. 

    Claire, the director, is not only the nicest person you will meet, but she is an inspirational educator that is loved by her students and their parents. Shine is such a wonderful little community theatre with a friendly atmosphere that I know my daughter will be calling her home away from home for years to come!”


  • We LOVE Shine!!! They truly care about each and every child and make them feel so inspired and special!! Can’t possibly recommend them any higher!


  • I cannot say enough great things about Shine! Claire leads with wonderful patience even up to the last minutes! She encourages and brings out the best in the performers. I’m so impressed with the way she provides opportunities for the performers to interact and “gel” even outside of rehearsal times. My daughter is thrilled to be in their first production. My son seems to secretly want to be in a play but has stage fright and Claire has quietly and gently encouraged him as well. It seems so rare to find that kind of care today.