Elf the Musical Jr

Shine is casting an ethnically diverse cast of theatre performers in our upcoming production of Elf The Musical Jr!

About the Production
Buddy, a young orphan, mistakenly crawls into Santa’s bag of gifts and is transported to the North Pole. The would-be elf is raised, unaware that he is actually a human, until his enormous size and poor toy-making abilities cause him to face the truth. With Santa’s permission, Buddy embarks on a journey to New York City to find his birth father and discover his true identity. Faced with the harsh reality that his father is on the naughty list and that his half-brother doesn’t even believe in Santa, Buddy is determined to win over his new family and help New York remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Who’s Directing?
Guest Director, Michael Childs, will be directing. Shine Teaching Artist, Margie Lootens, is choreographing the show. Austin Aschbrenner is designing the set and Catie Blencowe is designing the lights.

I’ve Got Questions. Who’s Got Answers?
Prior to auditions ask the producer at
During auditions ask the box office staff
After auditions ask the stage manager at

Audition dates
October 2
Actors will be seen twice: once for their singing and acting audition and a second time for their dance audition. 

Where and when does the show perform? 
Elf the Musical Jr performs at Shine December 3-12. There is one Friday performance at 7:30, one Saturday performance at 7:30 and one Sunday performance at 2:30. 

How old do I have to be to audition?
Students must be ages 8-18 on the day of auditions to be eligible to audition. 

How much is tuition?
$365 (plus $25 2020 registration fee). Shine Academy Members pay $265. If you are cast in the show, full tuition is due at the time of casting. For your convenience, we do allow this obligation to be fulfilled in 3 monthly payments. Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.

How can I be most prepared for the audition? 
Participate in our audition workshop taught by the Director/Music Director and Choreographer. They will provide training in dance, acting, and singing based on what they’re looking for in casting. When you can be seen by the casting team prior to the audition, take advantage of it! Click here to register.

What role is perfect for me?
If you want to know what role is perfect for you we recommend reading the PERUSAL SCRIPT available in the box office. But please keep in mind the role you think is perfect for you may not be the role the director chooses to challenge you with.

What if I am only interested in certain roles or ensembles?
There is a place on the audition form to state this.  If the director chooses not to cast you in the “only” roles you’ve chosen, one of two things will happen: 

1. You will not be cast in the show, or 
2. You will receive a phone call from the producer or stage manager offering you another role in the show.  It is probable that if you do not receive the specific role(s) you listed, you will not be offered an alternate role.

What does a director look for at auditions? 
The director evaluates: 
VOCAL QUALITIES — pitch, placement, articulation and projection 
DANCE SKILLS — do you have the dance technique and memory to execute choreography and learn quickly? 
CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT — do you embody the character or simply read the words on the page? 
SENSE OF FOCUS — do you live in the world or are you too distracted by your thoughts or external factors? 
IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY — your unique interpretation of language and character EXPRESSIVENESS — is it in your words? your face? your body? 
HONESTY — are you reacting and speaking as your character would? 
PRIOR EXPERIENCE – if the director hasn’t worked with you before, we are thrilled to have you audition! If we have prior experience working with you, we take it into consideration. Were you reliable? Prompt? Kind? Directable?
THEN we look at things like age and height to think about what role you might fit into and which of the other people that auditioned might match up with you. The same criterion is true for callbacks.

If I am cast what is the rehearsal schedule like? 
Rehearsals will begin on October 8. Rehearsals will be held Monday and Wednesday from 6:00-9:00 and Saturday from 10:00-1:00. Not every character will be called for every rehearsal, though central characters will attend almost every rehearsal. The number of rehearsals you attend depends on your role. 

We will not have rehearsal the day before Thanksgiving.

Actors will be called in for 30-60 minutes on a Saturday for a costume fitting.

Technical rehearsals are November 29-December 2 from 5:00-9:00 and all cast members must be present. We permit NO absences or conflicts of any kind during tech week.

What if I have conflicts with the rehearsal schedule? 
Actors must state all conflicts with the rehearsal schedule on their audition form, which will go out one week prior to auditions. Shine will be unable to accept rehearsal and performance conflicts after casting except in the case of an emergency.  

What do I wear to auditions? 
Wear dancewear to the dance call and plan to change clothes before the second portion of your audition. When you sing and do cold reading, wear nice but comfortable clothing that allows you to move without risk of embarrassment, and does not mask the size and shape of your body. Wear closed toed shoes. If you are called back it is a good idea to wear the same clothing you wore on the day of your audition unless otherwise specified. 

What do I bring to auditions? 

  • Your completed audition form (front and back)
  • sheet music in a 3-ring binder for piano accompaniment for 16-32 bars of a song from a musical in the style of the show. No singing acapella. No singing to accompaniment recordings. 
  • Dance shoes (jazz shoes are one option)
  • Headshot

What is on the audition form? 
The front has fields for your contact information so we know how to get hold of you (and your parents), your availability for callbacks and rehearsals, a space for listing conflicts, and a place to list your theatre experiences, training, and special talents. Resumes are encouraged but not required. 

Do I need to have a resume or headshot? 
No, but with the number of people coming through the door it is important that we have a picture of you.

What will I do when I arrive? 
Arrive for your audition 15 minutes early and check in at the front window. You will turn in your form and have your measurements taken. The actor and their parent will be asked to watch a 10 minute video from the producer prior to your audition.

When are callbacks? 
If needed, callbacks will be held on October 3 and 4. The actual times and dates will be determined once we know the number of folks who will attend. 

What is a callback? 
It’s a director’s opportunity to get more information before casting specific roles in the show. If you do not get a callback, it does not necessarily mean you will not be in the show. You may have been perfect for the role the director is using you for and consequently they do not need a second look at you. 

Do I attend callbacks? 
You will receive an email with a list of those who should attend callbacks. If you do not receive an email from us you should call Shine on October 4. 

I didn’t get called back, does that mean I’m not cast? 
We cannot answer this question until after auditions and callbacks have concluded.

When will you announce the cast? 
The target announcement date is October 8.

How do I know if I am cast?
Everyone who auditions will either receive a phone call or email by October 8.

If I am cast, what do I need to provide?
Actors are required to provide specific shoes, socks, tights, underwear, and all make-up supplies as determined by the costume designer. Stage make-up costs approximately $15 to $30. Shoes may run between $20 and $60 dollars. Undergarments such as leotards, camisoles, and under shirts may also be required.

How are parents involved?
There are three times that parents/guardians are required to be involved if your child is cast in the show. Cast members are also required to be at the following dates and times:

1. Informational meeting on October 8 at 6:00 – 45 minute commitment

2. Set build or paint call, date TBD – 4 hour commitment, depending on specific volunteer role

3. Strike on Sunday, December 12 – About a 2 hour commitment, varies from production to production

Technical positions
On your audition form, you will be asked if you are interested in volunteering for a technical position if you are not cast in the show. Your answer to this question will not affect your casting in any way. Positions may include stagehand, wardrobe/dressers, board operator, assistant stage manager.

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